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Our hotline is available from Monday to Sunday | 9am-5pm

Kindly click on one icon below to make a request or raise a concern to the appropriate department. This will help us handle your problems more efficiently.

If your specific request cannot be classified anywhere, kindly raise your other questions and concerns by clicking here

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Alternatively, you can contact specific departments using the following email addresses:

  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • Our community support team can help you with general questions and concerns.
  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • Do you want to make physical or architectural changes to your home? Our ARC team can handle all your requests. 
  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • Our accounting team can help you address all accounting issues.
  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • If you decide to sell your unit, our closing team is here to help you with condo questionnaires and closing statements.
  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • Our maintenance team can receive all your repairs and maintenance requests (subject to the board’s approval and community guidelines).
  • info@landmarkcm.com
    • Need to report a violation or clarify community regulations? Contact our rule enforcement team for assistance!

Please contact 512-569-5527 to reach the Landmark Community Management team.

For general correspondence, please see the address below:


Landmark Community Management

5900 Balcones Dr Ste. 100 Austin, TX 78731

Phone: 512-569-5527


For fees and assessment payments, please see the address below:


Landmark Community Management

5900 Balcones Dr Ste. 100 Austin, TX 78731

The homeowners association is generally responsible for the following:


  • Common Area Maintenance. An HOA must maintain shared spaces like amenities, green spaces, and community buildings. They should repair damages, upgrade or replace systems, and ensure the safety of all facilities. Moreover, they must maintain the community’s aesthetics.
  • Complaint Resolution. The HOA must address all complaints or concerns brought up by community members. These may include property issues, maintenance concerns, plumbing problems, cracked sidewalks, or faulty pipelines. The HOA must examine whether these issues are under the homeowner’s or the HOA’s jurisdiction.
  • Rule Enforcement. An HOA must enforce the community’s rules and regulations to maintain property values. 


In addition, your HOA governing documents outline the specific details of the association’s responsibilities.

Sign in to the HOA Vine with your account details. Look for the “Documents” tab to find your governing documents.



If you have lost access to your account information, kindly reset your password through the login page. Click the “forgot my password” link below the form. You can also update your email address by contacting info@landmarkcm.com



Alternatively, you can also reach us via live chat. Our chat hours are: 

Monday to Friday | 9am-5pm

Residents who want to change things in the community can do so by:


  • Raising concerns during community meetings.
  • Convincing the association to modify the governing documents.
  • Volunteering to become a specific HOA committee member.
  • Running for a board position to have more influence on community changes.