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Living in a condominium has many perks. Residents can enjoy separate living spaces and have the privacy they need. They can also access many shared amenities like pools, fitness centers, and co-working spaces. Moreover, condo residents have fewer things to maintain.



However, managing a condominium can be challenging. In fact it can often be a full time job. The condo association’s board of directors must allot time to fulfill their duties. They must also learn the skills necessary for condo management.



All of this can be tiring and even unreasonable for board members with other responsibilities. As a result, many seek out professional condo association management services instead.



LandMark Community Management can handle all your condo needs including budgeting, finance management, vendor management, daily maintenance, meeting prep and large construction management. We are a step above the rest when it comes to actual full scale management of all aspects of condominium maintenance and repair. Trust me, we will make you look good.

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Benefits of Condo Association Management in Texas

Some condominium associations can get by through self-management. But, condos often need professional help to meet all their needs. What are the benefits of Landmark Community Management’s services?

Collections & Financial Management

Landmark Community Management can handle all your collections and account management needs. We can physically or electronically collect fees and send notices to residents with unpaid monthly dues. Our company can even manage delinquent accounts for the board so they don’t have to.


Moreover, our company offers many accounting and financial management services. We can issue contractor payments, manage reserve funds, plan budgets, manage expenses, and even take care of bookkeeping. LCM can even stay on top of preparing financial statements and reports.

Building & Facilities Maintenance

Condominiums have a lot of common elements to maintain. They must consider common elements like stairways, elevators, hallways, and roof decks. Moreover, condos must maintain facilities like pools, gyms, and gardens. 


Landmark Community Management can help by handling all the upkeep. We can schedule maintenance, manage contractor relationships, and even resolve resident concerns. You can also gain access to our list of trustworthy contractors.


Condominiums need proper insurance coverage to function. With Landmark Community Management, you no longer need to worry about insurance management. We can maintain your relationships with several insurance providers and coordinate with them for you. Furthermore, we can help you acquire the best policies, reduce risk, and negotiate contracts.

Board Training

Landmark Community Management is committed to seeing your association succeed. As such, we love sharing our knowledge with clients through various training sessions. We can even provide the resources you need to learn all there is to know about condo association management. We also offer a monthly training course with a question and answer session.

Other Services

Landmark Community Management provides full-service condo association management solutions. As such, we offer several other services that can help you, like:


  • Guidance for developer-to-owner transitions

  • Board meeting attendance and facilitation

  • Developing communication channels for association members

  • Maintaining association documents

  • Creating and managing a community website

  • Legal and financial advisory for the board on best practices and governing documents

The Finest Condo Management Company in Texas

Landmark Community Management is the premier management service provider for condo associations in Texas. We have the experience and expertise to handle every association management task you need. Our company also stays updated on industry trends, local markets, and state laws.


In addition, we prioritize financial transparency, responsive customer service, and continuous education to deliver only the best services. You can rest assured that your condo association is in good care.


If you’re searching for Texas condo association management services, Landmark Community Management is the best option. Contact us online or call us today for a free proposal!

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