What Does An HOA Vice President Do?

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Homeowners, and even board members, often need clarification about the role of the HOA vice president. What exactly is the job of the vice president of an association? Whether you’re a resident or an upcoming VP, knowing the roles and responsibilities of the HOA’s second-in-command is important.

What Is an HOA Vice President?

Every homeowners association is led by a group of members known as the HOA board. This HAO board consists of volunteer homeowners who are elected by the membership. Within this board are officers, including the HOA board vice president.

An association’s vice president is similar to any corporation’s vice president. They are the second-in-command and have specific responsibilities to fulfill. These responsibilities are usually found within the governing documents, particularly the bylaws. Because these responsibilities can vary from one community to another, it is imperative to review your bylaws to understand the scope of the VP’s role.

What Does an HOA Vice President Do?

There often needs to be clarity surrounding the duties of the association vice president. This is because the job title itself could be more specific. While specific responsibilities can differ depending on the HOA, some are more common than others.

What is the role of a vice president in an association? Here are the HOA vice president responsibilities you should know.

1. Fill In for the President

The chief vice president role in HOA communities is to fill in for the president when the latter is unavailable. Sometimes, the president is out of town or unable to fulfill their duties. In these instances, the VP will act as the substitute president.

This can happen from time to time, temporarily or even permanently. It is common for the HOA president to step down from their role or be removed. While there is usually an option to appoint or elect someone to fill that open seat, the VP can also take the place.

Because the VP can serve as the president, it is important to grasp the president’s responsibilities fully. The vice president should know the president’s role inside out. This includes understanding the governing documents, overseeing day-to-day operations, leading meetings, liaising with third parties, executing contracts, and helping manage the HOA’s finances.

2. Aid the President

One of the most important HOA vice president duties is to aid the president in everything. The president has a full plate, and they usually can’t do it alone. The VP should make themselves available and share some of the responsibilities. That means helping the president lead discussions and keep things on track in meetings.

3. Complete Delegated Tasks

The president will typically delegate tasks to other board members, including the vice president. These tasks can take many forms, so the VP should be prepared to take on anything. That could mean helping secure bids for major projects, handling employees, and even resolving homeowner disputes.

4. Coordinate With Committees

Committees play a crucial role in the success of an association, especially a large one. They help the board carry out their responsibilities and manage specific aspects of the HOA. Some common examples of committees include a finance committee, a rule compliance committee, an architectural review committee, and a social committee.

While these committees also consist of volunteer homeowners, they need a board member to lead the charge. Given the flexible nature of a VP’s role, leading and coordinating with committees usually falls on their shoulders.

What Are the HOA Vice President Requirements?

You will find the specific election procedure and requirements within your governing documents, specifically the bylaws. This is also where you will find the candidate qualifications of board members, including the vice president. Typically, an HOA will require candidates to be members of the association. 

Apart from the governing documents, state laws can also dictate the requirements for board members. For example, Section 209.00591 of the Texas Property Code prohibits associations from restricting an owner’s right to run for a position on the board. Texas law only permits a few exceptions. More often than not, you will need to check your bylaws to confirm the qualifications and requirements.

If you wish to run for a position on the board, participating in HOA activities is a good idea. Staying active is a surefire way to make yourself known among homeowners and get their vote. Of course, this also prepares you for board members’ hardships. Serving the HOA takes work, and you will encounter several challenges. Dipping your toes first helps determine whether you are ready for a bigger responsibility.

How Much Is the HOA Vice President Salary?

In general, serving on the HOA board is a voluntary decision. That means no one can force you to become the HOA vice president. Since board members are volunteers, they receive no special benefits or compensation in exchange for their service. Many associations’ bylaws even explicitly prohibit compensation or special perks for board members.

All board members, including the vice president, must continue to pay their dues to the association. Just because they serve the HOA does not mean they get a free pass on their financial obligations. It may seem like a good idea to offer perks for joining the HOA board, especially if you find it difficult to fill seats. However, this is ultimately not recommended as it can create a conflict of interest.

Can You Remove the HOA Vice President?

Members of the board can be removed from their positions. This can be done by the HOA board itself or by the membership. Typically, removing a vice president requires a majority vote.

There are several reasons why an HOA would want to remove a vice president. They may not be effective in their role or struggle to make themselves available for association business. They may also abuse their power, harass other members, or even commit fraud. Regardless of the reason, you will find the procedure and requirements to remove a board member within state laws and your bylaws.

The Bottom Line

The role of the HOA vice president is important to the success of any association. They provide much-needed aid and support to the president and the rest of the board. If you want to run for the position of VP, make sure you understand the different responsibilities involved.

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