HOA President: Roles And Duties

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The HOA president stands at the helm of every association board, leading the charge and serving others. It is important to understand the president’s duties and responsibilities. This way, homeowners can set their expectations, and those seeking to be president can prepare themselves accordingly.

What Is an HOA President?

Every homeowners association is led by a group of volunteers, the HOA board. This board consists of directors and officers, with the HOA board president acting as the leader.

An HOA is structured similarly to a corporation. In that sense, the board president is kind of like the CEO. Other board members are in charge of other management aspects, but they all answer to the president. The president, on the other hand, does not answer to anyone in particular. However, they must serve the entire association.

The homeowners elect board members. In some cases, though, board members are appointed. Running for a position on the board or accepting an appointment is a voluntary decision. No one can force an owner to serve on the board.

What Are the HOA President Duties and Responsibilities?

No two associations are made equal. As such, the responsibilities of one HOA’s president may not exactly match the responsibilities of another HOA’s president. You will generally find the duties of the president outlined in the association’s governing documents, specifically the bylaws. However, some duties are more common than others.

Here are the typical duties of a president of an association.

1. Understand the Governing Documents

Whoever accepts the role of the HOA board president should fully understand the association’s governing documents. That means reading through the CC&Rs and bylaws as well as the operating rules. 

Getting an in-depth grasp of the governing documents is important because it allows the president to enforce the rules consistently and fairly. It also ensures compliance with the procedures outlined in the documents. Of course, these documents may contain legal jargon that the ordinary man can’t understand. In that case, asking a lawyer to interpret the documents for you is best.

2. Supervise Day-to-Day Operations

One of the duties of an HOA president is to supervise the community’s day-to-day operations. This includes ensuring proper communication, dues collection, rule enforcement, and maintenance. In short, the president must oversee all tasks related to the association’s operations. The president may delegate specific tasks to other board members and even committees, if any.

3. Lead Meetings

Another one of the homeowners association president duties is to lead meetings. This includes board meetings, executive sessions, and annual membership meetings. The president schedules the meetings, ensures all procedures are followed, and runs the meetings. They call the meeting to order, adhere to the agenda, call for votes, lead discussions, and adjourn the meeting. They must ensure the meeting doesn’t go on too long or wander astray.

4. Act as a Liaison Between the HOA and Third Parties

Serving as a liaison is another one of the HOA president responsibilities. More often than not, the HOA hires vendors and an HOA management company to help with operations. Coordinating with these third parties is typically the job of the president.

5. Execute Contracts and Other Legal Documents

The HOA president signs and executes all legal documents, including contracts. In some cases, contracts will need more than one signatory, though the president’s signature is almost always one of them. 

6. Help Manage Finances

While the board does have a designated treasurer who’s responsible for the finances, the president aids in this matter as well. The president helps the treasurer prepare financial statements, interpret reports, and make smart financial decisions. The president also usually signs checks along with the treasurer.

What Are the HOA President Requirements?

The governing documents of the HOA should dictate the election procedure and requirements. This includes qualifications candidates must have to run for the role of president. More often than not, though, a chief requirement of an HOA president is to be a current member of the association.

State laws can also influence board requirements. For instance, Section 209.00591 of the Texas Property Code prohibits HOAs from restricting an owner’s right to run for the board, with only a few exceptions. Most of the time, however, owners must refer to their bylaws to understand the specific qualifications and requirements.

That being said, some things can help your chances of winning. Getting involved in community matters is always good, as it gives you visibility. This also prepares you for the responsibilities of the HOA president. Joining a committee, for example, will open your eyes to the many tasks you may face.

How Much Is the HOA President Salary?

Board member positions are voluntary, including the role of the HOA president. As such, board members are volunteers, which means they do not receive compensation for the job. Most bylaws prohibit payment to board members. This even extends to prohibiting gifts and special benefits.

Board members, including the president, must continue paying dues to the association. They do not receive special treatment or an exemption from dues payment because of their role. While offering perks and compensation may seem like a good idea, especially if your HOA struggles to fill your board seats, it is ultimately bad for the association and exposes you to liability.

What to Do About HOA President Abuse of Power

If you believe your HOA president is abusing their power, you have a few recourses available. First, you should report it to the board or HOA manager. They should be aware of the situation so they can help you out. Sometimes, doing this will fix the issue, and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

If the issue persists, you should consider removing the president from their position. Depending on state laws and your bylaws, removing a board member usually calls for a vote. If all else fails, the final option is to seek help from a lawyer.

The Final Word

The HOA President fulfills a significant role in a homeowners association. All members should understand the duties of the president and the requirements to become one. In doing so, they can ensure accountability and successful operations.

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