HOA Meetings: What Are The Different Types?

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There are various kinds of HOA meetings. Each type has a specific purpose and may include different requirements as well. Both board members and homeowners must be familiar with them to ensure a well-functioning community.  Types of HOA Meetings What are the different kinds of HOA meetings, and how should they be conducted? Here’s a […]

How Important Is A Reserve Study For An HOA?

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Every HOA conducts a reserve study to know how much to assess homeowners. It’s an important part of keeping the association financially stable. However, why exactly are reserve studies – and, by extension, reserve funds — important? Let’s find out. What Is an HOA Reserve Study? Before defining a reserve study, we must understand what […]

How Important Is An HOA Treasurer In Your HOA Board?

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Why is the HOA treasurer such an important role? Some communities may think that they can eliminate the role if they have a management company. However, the HOA treasurer is more important than you might think. Whether you have a management company or not, here is why having an HOA treasurer is important.  What Is […]

Everything You Need To Know About An HOA Secretary

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An HOA secretary plays a vital role in the community. Their duties contribute to the community’s overall organization and communication. The board members and residents need to understand these homeowners association secretary duties for efficient community management. What is an HOA Secretary? An HOA board secretary maintains and manages the community’s official records. These include […]

What Does An HOA Vice President Do?

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Homeowners, and even board members, often need clarification about the role of the HOA vice president. What exactly is the job of the vice president of an association? Whether you’re a resident or an upcoming VP, knowing the roles and responsibilities of the HOA’s second-in-command is important. What Is an HOA Vice President? Every homeowners […]

HOA President: Roles And Duties

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The HOA president stands at the helm of every association board, leading the charge and serving others. It is important to understand the president’s duties and responsibilities. This way, homeowners can set their expectations, and those seeking to be president can prepare themselves accordingly. What Is an HOA President? Every homeowners association is led by […]

8 Ideas Or Projects That Promote HOA Energy Efficiency

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It’s a shame that many communities do not prioritize HOA energy efficiency. After all, energy efficiency can save a lot of money, reducing the community’s financial burden. What are some ways your HOA can conserve energy? Here are some useful recommendations. How to Promote HOA Energy Efficiency Promoting HOA energy efficiency can take a lot […]

HOA Neighbor Disputes: How Should The Board Handle These?

angry neighbor | hoa neighbor disputes

Even the best of communities can experience HOA neighbor disputes. Homeowners associations need to understand how to deal with these problems before they escalate. What can the HOA do, and should the board get involved? Let’s find out. HOA Neighbor Disputes: The HOA’s Responsibility Can you complain to the HOA about neighbor disputes? This is […]

Aging Infrastructure In HOAs: The Dangers And Solutions

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Aging infrastructure in HOAs is a widespread problem. All associations will encounter this issue at some point or another. When assets and components deteriorate, restoring them to avoid risks is important. Planning and executing restoration programs, though, can come as a challenge to any board. What Are Aging Infrastructure in HOAs? Homeowners associations typically consist […]

Making And Enforcing HOA Pet Policies The Community Should Follow

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It is not uncommon for homeowners to encounter HOA pet policies. While the initial reaction may be to question such policies, homeowners should understand that these policies do serve a purpose. Likewise, HOA boards should know how to create and enforce pet policies properly. Understanding HOA Pet Policies Homeowners associations are responsible for maintaining the […]